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LA Green Development Team of experts that support homeowners with quality and know-how such as expert planning, technical support, professional installation and finding reliable rebates and incentives for solar installation, tex coat painting, roofing, windows & doors, Air – Conditioning (HVAC systems), and water wise landscaping. We will help you to get your home improvements and convert it into low energy consumption home at a low cost, professional way and in a timely manner. Some of the programs for an energy efficiency upgrades are completely supported by the local government and can be with $ out of pocket!

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Not necessarily. Leaks can result from flashings that have come loose or a section of the roof system being damaged. However, most of the Roofs should be replaced around the 20 to 25-year mark. By this time, important materials begin to fail. If you’re not sure of the age of your roof, there are a few signs it’s time for a replacement. Curled shingles, leaks, missing shingles, mold, internal water damage, dents, and bald spots are reliable indicators. You can contact us for a free inspection anytime
Studies have shown that homes with solar energy systems sell for more than homes without them. However, your property value will only increase if you own, rather than lease, your solar panel system. In most parts of the country, going solar will actually increase your property value more than a kitchen renovation.
Communication between the client and the contractor on a daily basis is a key component to a smooth project. Your project will progress as per schedule and any idle days for our crews due to material orders and inspections. Your project manager will be onsite daily to track progress and discuss project details with you.
* We offer up to 12 months with NO Payments and 0% APR
Some of our partners offer up to 30 years financing with very low interest rate.
LA Green Development Inc, is neither a broker nor a lender. Financing is provided by third-party lenders unaffiliated with LA Green Development   Inc. under the terms and conditions arranged directly between the customer and such lender, all subject to credit requirements and satisfactory completion of finance documents. Any finance terms advertised are estimates only. LA Green Development, Inc. does not assist with, counsel or negotiate financing, other than providing customers an introduction to lenders interested in financing  LA Green Development, Inc. customers.

- Testimonials


by Lisa Green on La Green Development
City: Los Angeles, CA

The presentation was thorough and reasonable. I saw it as instructive and I wasn’t rushed to sign an agreement until I had the option to totally under the entirety of the issues in the contract. I highly recommend La Green Development to all!

by Dave Lawson on La Green Development
City: Rockwood , St Los Angeles
Address: Rockwood , St Los Angeles

My air conditioner went out and I needed to get it repaired quickly because the valley can get really hot. I decided to give Green Development a call. They were able to send someone out the next day. He was very knowledgeable and professional. He found me a nice rebate for a new ac unit. They are reasonably priced and provide great service. Thank you guys.

by Lucio Hernandez on La Green Development
City: Los Angeles
Address: Raynol St , Los Angeles

I called LA Green Development after having met with a few solar companies and receiving quotes from each. After careful review I noticed that each company had offered me something slightly different from the other. I wanted to find out exactly what I needed and after reading the great reviews I decided to meet with them. Meeting with them was the good decision. After sitting with Leroy I walked away with a wealth of information and finally understood my needs. My system, was installed quick and had no surprises during that time. I have been very happy with my choice and my system

by Sarah Macko on La Green Development
City: Nevada Ave, Canoga Park
Address: Nevada Ave, Canoga Park

LA Green Development did an awesome job on my new roof. They were well reviewed on Yelp and exceeded my already high expectations. Liroy, David, and the crew were quick, thorough, and communicative through every step of the project.
They even got me a great $ rebate for being more energy efficient . I highly recommend them


May 4, 2019
by David and Margie Smith on La Green Development
City: Olive Ave, Long Beach
Address: Olive Ave, Long Beach

Liroy and his team took care of everything from permits to installation. Any interactions we had with customer service reps were also very reliable. Mary always made sure any requests or questions we had were resolved.
Now the system up and running for a few months, and we are both happy with it. We are only paying the basic delivery charges of $5.87 a month but getting credited around $40.00 every month from the utility company

by Billy Peterson on La Green Development
City: Somerset Circle, Thousand Oaks
Address: Somerset Circle, Thousand Oaks

LA Green Development did an awesome job on my new roof. They were well reviewed on Yelp and exceeded my already high expectations. Liroy, David, and the crew were quick, thorough, and communicative through every step of the project.They even got me a great $ rebate for being more energy efficient . I highly recommend them


Apr 15, 2019
by Lee Nyugen on La Green Development
City: Granada Hills
Address: Granada Hills

I had the pleasure of working with Liroy and his crew. I was looking for a new roof and Green Development was the only company that provided this package of roofing + solar. He answered every email I sent with questions promptly, no matter how many I sent. I never felt like he was trying to do anything other than make sure I got the reliable system. I ended up going with a new roof, 4.3Kwt solar system and lately we asked him to paint our home too.
Very pleased with their job!


Apr 7, 2019
by Mario & Linda Rodriguez on La Green Development
City: Chester Ave , Pasadena
Address: Chester Ave , Pasadena

We were very happy with their work. We had received a number of quotes but this this crew was the reliable with a very professional detailed quote. The installers were friendly and took pride in doing a quality installation. I would recommend them in an instant. If you want a quality job this is the company to use.

by Sandra Reynolds on La Green Development
City: Main St, Huntington Beach
Address: Main St, Huntington Beach

These guys know how to get the job done. The equipment, technologies and installation were perfect. I found them online ranked as “Preferred Contractors” for Solar. I am very satisfied with the decision I made. Especially now when I know what we are doing
(Or not doing) for the environment.


Feb 27, 2019
by John Cotter on La Green Development
City: Torrance, CA
Address: Torrance, CA

I don’t typically write reviews, but I can say with pleasure that LA Green Development surely earned mine. My wife and I hired them to redeck our roof after experiencing several leaks, and the work we receieved was nothing less than we’d have hoped for. They were professional, worked in a timely and efficient manner, and reliable of all had patience in explaining many energy effiecient finance options to us that would suit out budget. We highly recommend them and would surely hire sunlight again for future renovations!

– Find out about local incentives

in your local area

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Millions of American consumers and businesses choose or invest in energy efficient products, homes, buildings, and industrial plants to lower their utility costs and prevent pollution. To meet this demand, thousands of American businesses offer energy efficient products and services to provide greater value to their customers, boost revenues and profits, promote sustainability, reduce greenhouse emissions, and gain a competitive advantage.